Random (Witty) Desktop Pictures in Mac OS X

Let me tell you about this simple Mac OS X feature that (randomly) alternates between desktop background pictures.

I never really gave it much credit as something useful or witty until I came across this beautiful work by the gifted Louie Mantia. I immediately liked the background artwork of the pictures but I wasn’t convinced to use them until I realized how well the subtle (PRODUCT) RED letterings would work together with the mentioned feature.

Now, I’m wondering where can I find more desktop pictures bundles like this one. I’d also love to see you sharing some ideas for new pictures in the comments .

Below, is my System Preferences settings for the desktop picture.

Desktop & Screen Saver Settings

Just for the record. It’s Sunday afternoon and I just had one of those two-hours-long lunches. I open my laptop to find that it salutes me with a bold SAVO(RED)—apologies to british pundits—. Well, I don’t know about you, but this sure made me chuckle for the day. I already can imagine myself working late into night and seeing my desktop wallpaper displaying TI(RED) or HAMME(RED).


Sidenote: Now it’s displaying INSPI(RED) but something along the lines of BO(RED) would be more accurate.

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  1. Just wounder why you talked about an OSX Feature. I’ve been using the “Tell wm about a folder with pictures and have it switching at intervals.”

    And those pictures where did you find them.

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