The Beginning

Damn, it was about time!

I’ve been dragging the start of this blog for about a year now because neither time nor proper motivation haven’t been on my side. I have this day job, you know, just like you probably do. Problem is, I’m still finishing college. And this pretty much sucks up most of my time.

Truth be told, I’ve been neglecting almost all parts of my online social presence for the last couple of years—read blog, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and pretty much everything else, for that matter—.

Well, but this year, I’m off to a new start. New year, new life, new resolutions and now I’m really committed to this.

What will I blog about?

This will be an attempt to put into words my opinions, ideas, rants and occasionally to talk about and detail what I’ve been up to. While spelling out code, dangling on software development process and rambling on user experience/interface design for the web, desktop and mobile platforms, I guess something worth putting up here will come up.

Particularly, since lately I’ve been fully immersed with iPhone development, I’ll share some bits now and then around here on Objective-C, UIKit and the App Store.

Though, let me advise you. One could say I’m biased and annoyingly opinionated. That would come up totally true, but heck, that’s the way I’ve been getting along all my life, so you may expect this to reflect here.

So, here I go. I’m blogging now. Hope you’ll like it. Be at will to subscribe the syndicate feed.

Disclaimer: Here I’ll express my own opinions, which are not endorsed in any way by my employer, nor anyone else, for that matter.

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Unsolicited Feedback is a blog by Jorge Pedroso, a software developer, conspirator, user interface and user experience designer aspirant focused on Mac OS X and iPhone platforms. Here he expresses, mostly, opinionated ramblings on software development, code, user experience and interface design.

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  1. So I never was a power Windows user, I was actually one of the biggest preachers against computer use when I had my Windows machine.After having all of our Windows software stolen we made the switch to Mac and now I’m considered one of the biggest “geeks” in my industry.I still wouldn’t consider myself a power-user but I wouldn’t even BE a user at all if I hadn’t had a Mac.

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