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CSSEdit Color Theme for Xcode & IntelliJ IDEA

I love everything in CSSEdit, from its features to the beautiful user interface. But there’s one thing I like so much that I want to have it everywhere: It’s the syntax coloring theme. I spent most of my time crafting code, either in Xcode, IntelliJ IDEA or TextMate, and, oh boy, I like to do […]

Random (Witty) Desktop Pictures in Mac OS X

Let me tell you about this simple Mac OS X feature that (randomly) alternates between desktop background pictures. I never really gave it much credit as something useful or witty until I came across this beautiful work by the gifted Louie Mantia. I immediately liked the background artwork of the pictures but I wasn’t convinced […]

The Beginning

Damn, it was about time! I’ve been dragging the start of this blog for about a year now because neither time nor proper motivation haven’t been on my side. I have this day job, you know, just like you probably do. Problem is, I’m still finishing college. And this pretty much sucks up most of […]